Bovone: new ELB 9 + 2 – sizing and flat edge in a single passage

Currently, companies operating in the flat glass processing sector are oriented towards the search for ever greater production flexibility: consequently, the proposals of equipment manufacturers must be able to meet the needs of an increasingly changing and heterogeneous market

The new Bovone Elb 9 + 2 straight-line edging machine was born from the meeting of the needs of the reference markets – architecture, interior design, home appliances – with the technological push that the company puts on the field together with the subsidiary Bovone Diamond Tools.

The in-depth study of tools has led the company to use and configure the grinding wheels in such a way as to make it possible to create sizing, flat edge and arris in a single step. The Elb 9 + 2 is capable of producing a complex profile on the edge of the glass in a single pass without the need to process the glass on different machines or change setups.

The careful and constant monitoring of the trends that guide the various reference markets has prompted Bovone to design a new machine capable of creating a profile of the glass sheet that is totally different from those that can be obtained with other vertical edging machines. The new Elb 9 + 2 straight-line edging machine thus becomes part of a range of products capable of carrying out a series of increasingly vast and sought-after quality workmanship.

However, the search for quality and flexibility in processing cannot be separated from the need to maintain high levels of productivity. With this in mind, Bovone offers Elb 9 + 2 both as a stand-alone edging machine and as an integral part of a BRS robotic line in which the handling of glass sheets takes place quickly, safely and with high precision.

Advantages of technology
Elb 9 + 2 represents an important step forward because it allows companies to evolve their production approach from artisanal to industrial, making the product more standardized and constant in quality and tolerance. It also speeds up the process and makes it more controllable, reducing costs and material handling.

Production details
Depth and height of sizing are adjustable by operating in a range of 0.02 mm: a very fine and precise adjustment up to a maximum of 5 mm on both axes. The two arrises are adjustable and can be excluded when there is the need to create the sizing with a sharp angle, functional to the subsequent coupling between glass or between glass and other materials.

Elb 9 + 2 is able to process glass plates or other materials – ceramic, artificial stone and natural stone – with a variable thickness from 2 to 30mm.

Construction details
The machine body is the same as the famous Elb12: sturdy cast iron base and cutting-edge construction solutions are integrated with high-end electronics.

Special feature
A further novelty has been introduced to facilitate the user’s operation: the machine is equipped with an external remote control for the movement on the X and Y axes of the two spindles relating to the grinding wheels dedicated to the sizing and for the height compensation of those relating to the polishing wheels of the front and rear arris and of the flat edge.

In particular, the automatic adjustment of the polishing wheels, being more subject to wear, is functional to safeguarding the life cycle of the wheels themselves, obviously maintaining unaltered the quality and production standards of polishing.

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