Bovone: high degree of automation of the new grinding machines

The new FA edgers offer automatic compensation of wheel wear, wheel change alarms and fast wheel setup

Over the past two years, Bovone‘s R&D department has continued to develop the automation content of its straight-line edging machines.

Bovone’s new fully automatic series of grinders meets the needs of the glass industry that requires high productivity rates while maintaining constant the quality of the finished product.

At Vitrum 2021, Bovone presented the new ELB 11/45 FA, with this model acting as an ambassador of process automation achieved by the company.

The Bovone FA edgers bring significant improvements to three main aspects:

  1. Automatic compensation of wheel wear
    No manual management of the grinding wheel increase to compensate for wear during processing.
  2. Wheel change alert
    When the wheel reaches the end of its life, an acoustic and visual system warns the operator of the need to replace the wheel.
  3. Fast wheel setup
    The wheel change of the machine is easier and faster.

The whole FA series of ELB edging machines can be integrated into fully automated robotic systems, Bovone Robotic Systems, specifically designed for processing large slabs.

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