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BOVONE DIAMOND TOOLS: High speed, high performance products for today’s demanding market

Glass processing is, and has always been, a complex sector. Glass processors request faster tools that do not compromise the quality of the final products and, therefore, quality, innovation and performance are fundamental. BDT gives us an idea of its continuous developments to satisfy these demands.

Founded in 2003 as a sister company of Bovone Elettromeccanica, Bovone Diamond Tools can therefore boast tradition and skills in its sector.
The production of metal-bonded and resin-bonded diamond wheels also includes wheels for bevelling, straight- and double-edger machines, as well as all brands of work centres.
The fundamental steps regarding the company’s production are:

  • 2005: l’UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 QS Certification;
  • 2007: the company starts the production of diamond drill bits and accessories for manual and automatic drills, and work centres.
  • 2010: the company obtains the patent for Goldnet routers, now one of the most used tools of the Bovone Diamond Tools range.

BDT also supplies polishing and felt wheels, cerium oxide, cooling oil, pumice and carborundum cloths, as well as other complementary accessories for flat glass processing.
Bovone Diamond Tools is now continuing to pursue its path of affirmation in the flat glass processing sector, always focussing on the values and characteristics that have contributed to the success of the company’s activities: quality, innovation and performance.
And in order to guarantee this, BDT is investing in production with the purchase of new machines, including a new work centre to carry out tests and trials in-house, achieving the quality standards guaranteed by BDT products.
A constantly growing Technical Sales team, a recently strengthened Research and Development area to experiment and identify new solutions that make BDT tools a concentrate of high quality and innovation.
In terms of human resources, the BDT team now includes high-profile technicians, bringing new life to Research & Development activities so that the company continues to be an injector of innovation in the reference markets.
This combination of energies has resulted in an important expansion and improvement of the company’s product offer.

AV – the new high-speed, high-performance grinding wheels for glass and Dekton processing – are BDT’s most recent product development. Market demand continues to focus on product quality, along with tool performance and processing speed with advantages not only in terms of final results, but also time and ease to use. BDT’s AV wheels have therefore been created to meet these multiple needs.
BDT’s high-speed grinding wheels are flat edge, trapezoidal edge and, last but not least, routers, with performance as follows:

  • Flat edge grinding wheels have newly designed sectors, which are smaller and closer together, allowing to reach speeds of 10 meters per minute at 7,500 RPM.
  • Trapezoidal edge wheels have a different composition and different grain size compared to traditional wheels, reaching speeds of 8 meters per minute at 7,500 RPM.
  • The same new design of sectors has been applied to the routers too, which now reach speeds that are 50 per cent higher than with traditional routers, with speeds estimated at 10 metres per minute at about 12,000 RPM.

The excellent results obtained on glass were also seen with Dekton, demonstrating the very close relationship between the traditional hard and transparent material glass and the new and constantly evolving synthetic stone-type materials such as Dekton.
BDT has carried out numerous tests on the recently purchased work centre to perfect in-house testing of peripheral wheels and prepare a product line capable of responding to the demands of a market in constant demand for tools that guarantee product quality but also great performance in terms of processing speed.

Click-Fit, BDT’s patented quick attachment system launched on the market in 2019, is an innovative quick attachment system for both metal and resin diamond cup wheels. Click-Fit can be used with all machines of the main national and international manufacturers.
With this system, the aluminium base remains attached to the motor while the diamond parts of the wheel are changed, thus ensuring savings in storage and time, as well as – of course – costs. The environment also benefits from this system, as it is completely ecological, reducing the disposal of material to minimum, along with further savings in time and costs.

Considering that resinoid wheels are BDT’s core business, an upgrade of the resinoid base has already been developed so as to maximise optimisation of resources and time, resulting in significant advantages:

  • the wheel is lighter, resulting in less stress on the spindle;
  • the slats on the base have been specially designed so that the water is sprayed, and therefore reaches the point of contact between the grinding wheel and the glass uniformly and in the best way possible;
  • the material ensures greater rigidity and therefore more direct transmission of pressure levels set by operators;
  • the base guarantees perfect balance of the grinding wheel.

Bovone Diamond Tools has always manufactured cup wheels for bevellers and grinders of the main national and international manufacturers, providing a wide range of products in terms of dimensions, hardness and height of the diamond band, as well as customisation as per needs and demands.
The company also continues to invest in technological and commercial development of peripheral wheels for NC machines for the main manufacturers. This part of BDT’s product range is an important part of the company’s production, and includes:

  • routers with 3,4,5 and 6 sectors with different diameters and lengths;
  • Goldnet routers, the flagship product for the processing of laminated glass with a high percentage of PVB or EVA. Thanks also to important investments, BDT is developing new technological solutions to improve performance in terms of speed and performance: by working on the design of the sectors, which are smaller and closer together, the cutters allow to reach speeds equal to 50 per cent more than traditional routers.

Goldnet routers, in particular, as per able to guarantee fewer splinters and breakage in output, homogeneous wear, silence, absence of vibrations, strong sharpness and considerable durability. Goldnet differs from the classic cutters because it has diamond sectors with much smaller ogival shape, welded to form a ‘net’ with crossed meshes.
This shape allows to increase the cutting speed of the laminated glass and avoid the recurring problem of breaking the edge of the glass during the output phase of the cutter. This is because the PVB is cut continuously and comes out of the many ‘escape routes’ of Goldnet routers avoiding the formation of the classic strips that are created using traditional cutters.
All BDT routers – including Goldnet – are available with standard and Forvet connections in trapezoidal or groove versions, obviously with different diameters.
Last but not least, the Combi cutter, a ‘two-in-one’ product, which associates a traditional segment cutter with a trapezoidal or groove cutter, allowing it to be used twice, is continuing to be in great demand, and is also available with different diameters.

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