Bottero: New logo and dual identity for products on show at Vitrum

With a company mission of innovation since 1957, Bottero has also continued to invest in R&D to maintain its technological leadership. And its new brand identity fully represents Bottero’s core values and its ability to innovate.

Davide Cigna, Sales Director – Bottero

With more than 60 years of experience, Bottero is the ideal partner for the production of machines and glass transformation systems, always offering reliable and innovative products, and always attentive to the needs of its clients.
Thanks to its many available products and top technical performance, along with the quality of its customers service and 11 branches in 7 different countries: Italy, Germany, the UK, France, the US, Brazil and China, Bottero products have reached most countries in the world.

At Vitrum 2019 Milan, one of the most competitive Italian and European exhibitions dedicated to one of the most extraordinary materials – glass – and its endless applications, Bottero will be presenting its latest achievements in terms of technology and know-how. At the event, the company will have on show a dual line for float and laminated glass cutting and a CNC machine, as well as its new flat edge double edger.

Dual line
The dual line is a combination of the machines 363 BCS and 548 LAM, to cut and break-off float and laminated glass. A combined line of the two products represents one of the sector’s most innovative and most effective solutions. 363 BCS is a float glass cutting table available with accessories for low-E surface removal, automatic selection of the cutting pressure and shape scanner. 548 LAM is the latest and most advanced cutting and breaking-off system for laminated glass; its many features, among which the automatic rotation device and PVB cutting with automatic blade, guarantee innovation and high performance.

CNC work centres
Regarding CNC working centers, the new PRATICA platform will complete Bottero’s current range, which offers solutions for glass sheets up to 18 meters long. PRATICA Platform is the evolution of the well-known PRATICA PLUS which is equipped with many technological advancements, such as the new IoT system to manage selfdiagnostics, and the documentary training section supporting the operator. The machine is available in 3300 and 4000 sizes, and both 3 and 4 axes versions are equipped with the new high-performance pressurized spindle.

Double edgers
Last but not least, the third product presented at Vitrum is the new Bottero double edger. This new machine includes the well-known features of Bottero’s TITAN and TWO-B models, boosted up in a new all-in-one scalable and modular platform, creating the perfect synthesis of all market requests.
With up to 17 spindles per side, the maximum available on the market, the new double edger allows to create every possible configuration and allocate multiple processing to the same machine. Additionally, every type of corner dubbing, including round corners and chamfers is available. Finally, the equipment is upgradable in opening size and number of spindle wheels even after installation, permitting to have multiple different productions, still years after the installation of the machine.
Thanks to the compliance of Bottero machines with Industry 4.0 most recent requirements, the double edger by Bottero can be easily combined with integrated lines, washing machines and other processing machines to create automatic production lines with almost no operator around, what Bottero calls Bottero 4.0 made easy.

Having an open connection software, all Bottero equipment can be interfaced with any other third-party equipment, from insulating glass lines, tempering furnaces, to vertical and horizontal machines.
Moreover, since Bottero cutting products are the most common in the market, most software companies have already developed dedicated customized protocols jointly with Bottero, for hassle-free integration of the optimizers and MES.
In this fast-changing glass market, the new challenges for glass fabricators are to keep pace, raising productivity and staying competitive. This involves investing in new equipment, in parallel with rethinking the workshop organization towards a leaner model – where Bottero’s products are the perfect solution to solve these issues.

The changes in our world are deeper than ever, due to the scale and speed of digitalization and industrialization. At the same time, new technologies challenge us to redefine the way in which we conceive and live our lives.
Since 1957 Bottero has been making innovation its mission, investing in R&D to maintain its technological leadership. This is why today, with no whims and with the determination to excel that has always characterized it, Bottero decides to change, to have a brand identity that fully represents its core values and its ability to innovate.
Bottero is the only global leader in the world of glass technology to operate with both flat and hollow glass. However, not all its customers are aware of the potentiality and the scale of Bottero’s products. With more than 50,000 installations over the world, in over 100 countries, Bottero is the unmissable partner to produce machines and glass transformation systems.
With its unique organization model, divided into three distinct business units, flat glass, hollow glass and engineering, can be present on the market in a curtailed way, serving small and medium glass factories but also big industrial implants with products capable of producing up to 8 million bottles per day.
Thanks to its extensive machinery catalogue it can cater for the needs and the latest tendencies of all segments of the market, covering for example 100 per cent of the European market for laminated glass and 90 per cent of the global market.
This constitutes both a huge responsibility but also a great privilege and a badge of honour for Bottero.
This unique feature is expressed in its new logo: the dual identity of Bottero is represented by the two overlapping shapes, evoking the dual soul of the firm. The two souls are fused together to give life to a unique technological result, embodied by the pureness and transparency of white and the presence of the letter B. The logo is also an expression of everything that Bottero represents: innovation, dynamism, solidity and clarity.
Rebranding therefore symbolizes the will to show all our stakeholders, clients and employees that our actions are guided by
Bottero’s values, grounded in our history and leaning towards the future.  
Bottero SpA

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