Bormioli Rocco presents high-end solutions for pharma sector at Pharmapack 2015

At the recently held Pharmapack exhibition in Paris, Bormioli Rocco presented its wide range of high-end solutions that respond to the increasingly strict requirements in terms of pharmaceutical packaging.

Bormioli Rocco responds to the increasingly strict requirements in terms of packaging on the side of the pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of high-end solutions such Type I glass and COC/COP plastic vials for injectables and “Anti-Counterfeit” solutions. These were displayed at the Pharmapack exhibition in Paris, 11-12 February.
The pharmaceutical market is continuously moving forward which means that connected sectors such the packaging industry have to respond quickly to the ever-changing needs. Emerging trends in pharmaceutical market include growing market for biologic drugs, higher security levels along the supply chain and increasing quality standards.
As biologic drugs are growing in importance, the demand for primary packaging for injectable drugs is also increasing. Parenteral packaging plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the stability of the drug formulation, product integrity and effectiveness. Especially high sensitive formulations, present in biotech drugs, contribute to address the need for high-end glass and plastic materials as borosilicate and COC/COP.
To face these challenges, Bormioli Rocco proposes its glass Type I range of infusion bottles and vials for parenteral drugs, in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Manufacturing process and quality standards are aligned with the requirements of the pharma companies embracing a zero defect approach. Bormioli Rocco Type I is characterized by high hydrolytic resistance and is manufactured in full compliance with the international Pharmacopeas standards. For high sensitive drugs the company offers in addition internal siliconization, a treatment that provides an interior protective coating of the bottles, ensuring long-term compatibility of the packaging with active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Another important solution is represented by COC and COP vials, an innovative high performance plastic packaging. These vials are characterized by a superior barrier to moisture and high purity as well as excellent biocompatibility thanks to the inertness of the container surface, ensuring drug’s stability during its shelf life. In addition the vials demonstrate excellent resistance against breaks or cracks and can be sterilized by autoclave and gamma rays.
Bormioli Rocco responds also to the growing request of ensuring the highest level of security and integrity of the product along the supply chain, with its innovative Anti-Counterfeit Packaging. Thanks to the incorporation of a security taggant in the packaging, the full control of the drug along the whole supply chain as well as the patient’s safety and brand integrity are guaranteed. The solution is in addition characterized by its great versatility as it can be incorporated into different types of packaging and offers different levels of customization.
Bormioli Rocco’s high-end products and innovations contribute to the integrity of the world leading drugs in terms of both product quality and security, enhancing patient safety.

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