Bormioli Rocco hosts Committed to Pharma 2014

Bormioli Rocco’s Committed to Pharma Event attended by professionals from 70 firms featured a guided visit to the newly revamped plant at San Vito al Tagliamento.

Bormioli Rocco, a leading company in plastic and glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, hosted its first Committed to Pharma Event.
The exclusive event was held on 5-6 June 2014 in the delightful surroundings of Venice and at the new Bormioli Rocco plant in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN).
Around 150 professionals from more than 70 companies in the pharmaceutical industry participated in the two-day conference dedicated to an in-depth update on intravenous drugs and their packaging manufacturing processes and technologies. Top industry professionals shared their views on the future requirements of the pharma world and how to take an active part in changes to stimulate a more cooperative market attitude that involves pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and research institutes.
The seminar was focused on outlining present and future challenges within the pharmaceutical and packaging industry, with a thorough emphasis on the efforts to produce high quality parenterals and lower production costs.
Speakers Michele Arduini (Sales & Marketing Director, IMA Life), Matteo Cozzuol (Electronic Systems Engineer, CEA Brevetti), Stefano Di Biase (Consultant, IMS Thought Leadership), Nicola Favaro (Lab Director, Stazione Sperimentale Vetro), Corrado Giovinazzo (Consultant, P&P Farma), Marco Sachet (General Manager, ITI Italian Institute of Packaging), Lodovico Gavioli (QA Bormioli Rocco, President of Pharma Packaging Commission, ITI Italian Institute of Packaging) provided a complete overview of the whole drug production chain, focusing on the instruments for the coming years to obtain optimum results and add value for companies and patients.
On the second day, an interactive workshop led by the Bormioli Rocco management and specialists took place at the newly renovated plant at San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), a specialized site dedicated to production of type I glass for parenteral packaging.
Fabian Piaggio, General Manager of Bormioli Rocco BU Pharma, presented the strategies that lead the everyday work in a Pharma thinking and a market-driven attitude. The culture of the Business Unit is strongly focused on the pharmaceutical industry to convey both commercial and operational efforts toward excellence and efficiency. This approach has been recently implemented with a massive 3-year investment plan of over 75 million euros for both plastic and glass production facilities which confirms the leadership position of Bormioli and its commitment to the industry.
Moreover, participants were able to talk directly with Bormioli Rocco technicians about BU Pharma innovations in products, materials and technologies, with face-to-face exchanges on the innovative products and solutions for a wide range of applications. The core innovations presented for plastic are Star Cap child resistant closures, Anti Counterfeit Solution and Preservative-Free System. In addition, Bormoli Rocco has recently developed Delta Glass Vials for pharmaceutical injectables, which combine cost savings with superior performance for freeze-drying and sterilization processes and represent the solution to prevent delamination issues.
The highlight of the morning was a guided visit to the plant. Customers and partners were given an exclusive opportunity to see the fascinating world of molded and tubular glass manufacturing technologies. The state-of-the-art furnaces are equipped with newly improved cutting-edge technologies for glass excellence, to meet the highest standards of quality and safety required by the pharma industry.

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