Bormioli Luigi bottles part of DuPont exhibit

Visitors at DuPont’s booth at PCD, to take place in February 2012, will have the chance to see Bormioli Luigi bottles with DuPont™ Surlyn® technology.

Bormioli Luigi bottles with DuPont™ Surlyn® will be part of DuPont’s exhibit at PCD (Perfumes, Cosmetics and Design) in Paris, France, taking place 8-9 February 2012. Visitors to the DuPont booth will see a vast array of forms, textures and optical effects for the packaging of perfumes and cosmetics that are only possible by the innovative use of DuPont™ Surlyn®. One of these concepts, by Italian glassmaker Bormioli Luigi SpA, is the overmoulding of glass bottles with Surlyn® 3D technology. The new products, marketed by Bormioli Luigi under its Linkx®1 trademark, will also be discussed during a conference at PCD entitled “New opportunities in bottles design by Linkx®1”.
The successful overmoulding of a glass bottle using Surlyn® 3D technology is the result of collaboration between Bormioli Luigi, DuPont and Italian injection moulding specialist Pibiplast SpA. Bormioli Luigi’s patented Sparkx®1 glass formulation is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass and is also particularly clear in its appearance. Its properties also make it suitable for subsequent overmoulding (either entirely or partially) with Surlyn® using a unique process mastered by Pibiplast. The spectacular end result is a bottle that is almost limitless in terms of the colours and shapes adopted for both materials and also the finish of both the internal and external surfaces.

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