Bohemi Chemicals to take part in the upcoming Cuba Glass 2016

Bohemi focuses on  the field of treatment of the glass, beverage industry and of the pigments for colouring glass.

Bohemi Chemicals is committed to supplying its clients with the products and services they need to produce glass containers and bottles.
Bohemi Chemicals offers hot-end and cold-end treatments certified by a European body for contact with food substances.
Among the products presented during the business meeting to be held in Havana, a main focus is on:
– Polyglas D 4218M: versatile cold-end treatment;
– Bohemi P4450: the treatment for Champagne bottles and other heavy-bottomed containers;
– Bohemi P4450: maximum protection during transportation, even over long distances;
– STARTIN S: hot-end treatment based on stabilised MBTC for low-dosage use in hot coatings.
Bohemi Chemicals helps its clients to avoid any return of discarded bottles from their clients in order to reduce the manufacturing costs.
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