BEST MAKINA: Expansion of custom-made machinery line

Manufacturers of IG machinery are often faced with requests for customisation, not only with regards to machinery layout and possibility of modular systems, but also with regards to the possibility of processing extra-height units. Best Makina shows us how it is doing this with its new machine.

Best Makina, global supplier of insulated glass production machines, is further strengthening its position in the IG machinery sector with a 3,300×6,000mm size complete insulated glass production line with automatic gass filling. With this new machine, the production of extra-height units is carried out by means of unique and flexible solutions which have been engineered in-house, facilitaing controls.

BLS-S 3300 can be equipped with multiple extrusion lines which have digitally controlled metering pumps
BLS-S 3300 has seperate unloading station which can also work as a buffer

This new IG line has modular systems which can work either stand-alone or coupled. Moreover, all systems have the possibility of on-line data exchange for final/semi-final product tracking, as well as production condition tracking through ERP softwares. The system can be customised as per end users’ premises, resulting in considerable benefits thanks to the decreasing investment recovery time.
Main features of the IG line:

  • glass washing and coupling from 3mm to 20/40/60mm;
  • payload from 200 kg/m to 350 kg/m;
  • unit thickness from 90mm to 170mm;
  • double-, triple-, quadruple-, stepped-, triple-stepped glass production;
  • variable gas injection nozzle position allows usage of variable spacer thickness for multilayer insulated glass panes;
  • active inert gas consumption control via analyser in filling chamber;
  • multiply gas connection;
  • modular mechanical system allow to produce 3,300×6,000mm/ 9,000mm/ 12,000mm even longer;
  • previous (arriser, edge deletion etc.) or following (sealing robot, stacker etc.) machines can be mechanically connected and can exchange signals;
  • transfer machines can be integrated for exchanging semi-products and line can be built on I, T or L shape layout;
  • quality control scanners can be installed and datas can be exchanged on-line;
  • multiple extrusion pumps can be installed for fast changing of work material or decreasing down times;
  • unlimited dosing range via digital dosing chemicals allow usage of unlimited supply of sealants.

Best Makina supplies fast and solution-based after sales services with two years of complete warranty including electronics and mechanics (independent from working hours). Additional features include free on-line service during machine lifetime, and spare part shipment the same date of order.

BLA2 can be operated stand alone or along with IG&SG line

Best Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret As.

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