Berlin Packaging: Panvetri acquisition strengthens European presence

Acquisition expands the company's wine and olive oil offering

Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced the acquisition of Panvetri, a family-owned supplier of glass and metal packaging for the wine and olive oil industries.

Founded in 1998 and head-quartered in Modugno, Bari, in southern Italy, Panvetri serves a wide range of wine estates, cooperative wineries, oil mills, and food manufacturers, mainly in the Apulia and Basilicata regions. In addition to wine and olive oil bottles, Panvetri’s portfolio includes beer, spirits, and sparkling wine bottles, olive oil cans, food jars, and closures. With its strong local presence and established sales team, Berlin Packaging can help Panvetri expand its product offerings.

“Italy is a key country for the wine and olive oil industries, and Panvetri enriches our presence and expands our coverage of southern Italy,” said Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA.

“We are proud to join Berlin Packaging and bring our experience in southern Italy to the rest of the company,” said Alessandro Pantaleo, CEO of Panvetri. “We are also keen to expand our product portfolio with Berlin Packaging’s unique shapes and sizes that will now be available to our customers.”

“This acquisition is another testament to our commitment to growth in Europe,” said Bill Hayes, Global CEO of Berlin Packaging. “Panvetri strengthens our already robust presence in Italy and furthers our position as a leader in Italian food and beverage packaging.”

This is the 20th acquisition that Berlin Packaging has completed in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) since 2016 and its 1st acquisition in EMEA in 2022.

All employees and locations for this acquisition will be retained.

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