Benteler extends contract to name the Paderborn stadium “Benteler Arena”

The negotiators are happy about the contract extension.

Until 2022, the Paderborn stadium is therefore called “BENTELER-Arena”

The Benteler-Group extends their commitment with the Paderborner Stadiongesellschaft mbH for another five years. Until 2022, the Paderborn stadium is therefore called “Benteler-Arena”.

“We are actively committed to our production sites and thus provide a contribution to the region. As one of the largest employers in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) with more than 6,600 employees, 5,100 of them directly in Paderborn, we are aware of our responsibility and want to contribute to an attractive region”, emphasizes Andre Sombecki, Member of the Management Board at Benteler. “With the extension of the contract for the name rights of the Paderborn stadium, we are financing a part of this sports ground.”

Andre Sombecki further explains: “Our commitment to the region is multifaceted: apart from naming the Benteler Arena, we have been working together with other companies from the region, the city and the university for several years in the” Paderborn überzeugt ” initiative, an association which promotes the attractiveness of the city.”

Benteler also supports educational and scientific projects and cooperates closely with schools, professional schools and universities. The close collaboration with the University of Paderborn has led, for example, to the founding of the endowed chair for “lightweight construction in automotive engineering”, which is working on lightweight solutions for vehicles and their rapid implementation into serial production. “We will meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world flexibly and successfully,” says Andre Sombecki. “One of our new projects is the premium partnership with the” garage33 “in the technology park in Paderborn. This opens up opportunities for the creative development of new ideas, products and business models for our business.”

Josef Ellebracht, Vice President of SC Paderborn 07 and Managing Director of Paderborner Stadiongesellschaft mbH (PSG), and Martin Hornberger, Managing Director of SC Paderborn 07, are delighted to announce the contract extension: “We are proud to continue the cooperation with Benteler. The extension is an important signal to the region and a strong confession of the biggest employer in Paderborn.”

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