Beneq adds features to its TFS 200 Thin Film System

Complete range of upgrades and options for the TFS 200 Thin Film System for ALD

To give researchers new opportunities for exploration in atomic layer deposition (ALD), Beneq has now unveiled a broad range of upgrades and options for its TFS 200 thin film system.
Each of the options allows users to better match current research needs and stay at the forefront of ALD research. Beneq’s upgrades and options expand the capabilities of existing ALD tools by adding some of the most advanced features of the ALD process itself. The selection primarily enables researchers to get a quick alteration to their existing system configuration, create an application-specific configuration or upgrade stepwise.
Four of the top upgrades now provide the following research benefits: Plasma-Enhanced ALD – Enables new processes, such as TiN, SiN, SiO2 and low-temperature deposition Al2O3, which now doubles the growth rates and the film quality for industrial use. Additionally, a high temperature version up to 450 degrees Celsius is available, greatly expanding the repertoire of available processes. TFS 200 Premium with Plasma Option PO-200-LT installed. A wide selection of reaction chambers extends the range of research capabilities from single wafers to batch processing, 3D objects, high aspect ratio (HAR) structures and particle coatings. All chambers are optimized for the best uniformity and fast processing.
The new face-down design ensures a zero-particle process thanks to the elimination of impurities and is also optimized for OLED processes. A wide selection of source lines; Ozone lines, thermal gas lines and heated sources, support expanded process capabilities and improved efficiency.
The use of low vapor pressure pre-cursors is enabled by Beneq’s unique hot sources. A thorough selection of loaders, including load lock and cassette systems, linear transfer systems, automatic cassette-to-cassette systems and multi-wafer batch manipulators, now available for extreme productivity and quality. To ensure top-most reliability, Beneq is partnering with only well-known suppliers.

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