Beijing Greets China Glass in 2015

China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition is preparing for China Glass 2015, which will take place in Beijing.

China’s economy is now seeing more sound development while the world is in a situation of gradual economic recovery. In such an environment, China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition has started active preparation for its 26th event, China Glass 2015, which will take place in Beijing May 20 through 23. As with prior event, worldwide, influential glass companies are showing great interests in this upcoming show. Many potential exhibitors have already contacted the show organizer and asked to arrange satisfactory stands for them as early as possible. Some foreign glass companies are in high spirits and desire to book larger booths. The German, Italian and American exhibition groups began to communicate with the glass show organizers for booth reservations, and the German pavilion will most likely expand their exhibition area compared with previous events.
The four-day China Glass 2014 staged in Shanghai last April had an exhibition area of 80,000 square metres and attracted 821 exhibitors, including 190 international companies from 27 countries. They came to showcase the most up-to-date technologies, machinery and products, exchange ideas and forge new partnerships. Over 23,000 professional visitors came from nearly 80 countries in the world to join this exhibition of international glass communities, including visiting groups from industrial, trading and press sectors of India, Viet Nam, Japan, Malaysia and Korea.
At present, the economic situation and development of the glass industry in the world still faces various difficulties, and China is trying to sustain its steady economic growth and stable industrial development. The glass industry of this country is presently continuing structural adjustment and strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction. This is effectively promoting the progress of glass and building material industries of China and also places both challenge and opportunity in front of the China Glass Exhibition. We expect that China Glass 2015 will be another grand gathering of global glass circles at a higher level with regards to the exhibition area, the number of exhibitors, IT applications and internationalization, so as to provide a good business opportunity and a platform for exhibitors and professional visitors to conduct co-operation, trade talks and technical exchanges.
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