Beatson bottles for Boyne Brewhouse

A new craft Irish brewery targeting the overseas export market has called on UK glass manufacturer Beatson Clark to design embossed bottles for its range of craft beers.

Boyne Brewhouse in Drogheda has been using Beatson Clark’s 500ml amber tapered beer bottles since it started production at its new brewery in the Boyne Valley last November.
Now it has added embossing to the 500ml bottle to make it unique to the Boyne Brewhouse, and Beatson Clark has also created a bespoke 330ml version of the bottle with similar embossing.
The words ‘Boyne Brewhouse’ appear on the shoulder of both bottles while the words ‘Brewed in the Boyne Valley’ are embossed around the base.
“We launched our brewery last November and we’ve installed a bottling line and canning line which is now the most advanced packaging hall in Ireland,” said Peter Cooney, Export Sales Director at Na Cuana, which is the parent company of Boyne Brewhouse.
“We liked the shape of Beatson Clark’s stock bottle so we started using the Tapered Beer bottle before deciding to emboss that bottle in order to put our stamp on it.
“We then asked Beatson Clark for a 330ml bottle in the same shape with similar embossing. We currently use two plain Beatson Clark bottles for our Devil’s Bit Mountain Cider and Four Keepers Craft Cider but we will soon be embossing these too, and more of our brands will follow suit in the future.”
Boyne Brewhouse is targeting sales in the US and 14 other overseas markets this year.
“I would certainly recommend Beatson Clark, who supply all of our bottles. They run their business with integrity – the design service they provided was first-class and it was a nice experience within our new product development process.
“If we ever came across a problem they put their hands up straight away and found a solution.”
Lynn Sidebottom, Sales and Marketing Director at Beatson Clark, said the company’s flexible embossing options make it easy for new and niche breweries to have their own unique embossed bottles.
“It was quite straightforward for us to add embossing to the 500ml beer bottle,” she said. “When we subsequently produced a 330ml embossed version we agreed with Boyne Brewhouse that we could add a plain version to our general sale range.
“This meant that for both the 500ml and the 330ml bottles Boyne Brewhouse only had to pay for the finish moulds and we have a plain version to add to our extensive general sale range.”