BDF – process control and Scada

Automation and control are some of the main components for best performance of a glass plant

BDF offers solid solutions to customers’ plant automation.

The automation system will consist of a centralized plc based architecture with remote i/o and Scada supervision both in redundant configuration. To comply with the European current standards and precisely with regard to the UNI EN746-2 “industrial thermal process equipment” standard, programmable control equipment complying with EN ISO 13849-1 will be used, which will allow the PL to reach “E” (performance level).
The Scada system will be implemented through Ignition Inductive Automation software. This HMI is based on the best database access technologies that satisfies the growing needs of data collection, real-time analysis and integration with it systems coming from the world of industrial automation and to fully realize the principles of industry 4.0.

The Ignition platform is entirely based on Java, and this guarantees the solidity and reliability of the most widespread programming language in the world; thanks to this technology, any pc or mobile device with a web browser can become a system client.

The Scada system developed by BDF will integrate both the plant supervision functions through the system standard synoptic and the alarm management and historical trend management functions.

Thanks to the potential of Ignition, the management of historical trends is simplified and through simple drag & drop commands, you can add variables within the graph pages as well as having the functionality of exporting historical values to excel files without additional modules (to be added to the suite).

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