BDF – Integrated Weight Control System 2.0

The IWS 2.0 is an Important step for the automatic control of the forming process

The BDF IWS 2.0 is a perfect control of the correct gob weight and it’s able to optimize it. The correct gob weight is determined by the blank mould cavity design, by the plunger design and by the position of the plunger inside the blank mould. The final position of the plunger inside the mould is reached when all the space, between plunger and mould cavity, is filled with glass. If the position of the plunger is higher than the calculated theoretical position, it means that there is less glass inside the mould, if it is lower there is more glass and this non-conforming or conforming plunger position is the main information needed by the system.

The plunger position inside the mould, when the gob weight is correct, is stored as a reference value for the successive plunger positioning to check for gob weight variation during the forming process. The gob weight variation is calculated by the stroke variation positions which are outside of the the reference position. The plunger cylindrical area which is outside the reference position, is multiplied by the glass specific weight, which determines the weight variation calculation of the gob weight to correct it through a feedback to the feeder.
IWS 2.0 benefits

  • Automatic regulation of the gob weight reducing the manual interventions of the operators.
  • Qualitative and quantitative improvement of the production thanks to the stability of the gob weight and reduction of the defects on the finish of the articles.
  • Best thermal stability of the channel, of the machine and of the production.
  • The interaction with the inductive transducers facilitates and speeds up the set-up of the mechanism.
  • Increase of speed and production quality thanks to the control of the operating air with proportional valve (optional).
  • Important step for the automatic control of the forming process.

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