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BDF ADV8050 control systems

BDF Industries has designed solutions that allow customers to have a smooth and safe transition in any context.

The great results of BDF Industries’ control systems confirms the success of the company as a worldwide market leader for performance and reliability, driving their engineers to develop and present new electronics for machine control on the latest evolution, ADV8050.

With the new advanced control card upgrade called IB50, BDF gained a new quality standard in machines control, thanks to a complete filesystem with native tools that makes debugging and problem-finding much more flexible. This means that this system is able to increase the performances and controls of the IS machine in every situation.

ADV8050 control systems

IB50 main improvements

  • Increased calculation speed (4 times)
  • Increased memory capacity
  • Presence of a Compact Flash Card containing the operating system and the control program.
  • Presence of a USB port, useful for updates or local storage of system files.
  • Presence of a complete filesystem with native tools that makes debugging and problem solving quicker, immediate and more flexible.
  • Possibility of developing new software tools and gadgets useful for operators and installers.

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