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AYROX: World leading niche technology for glass processors

Ayrox specialises in products for the assurance of quality and compliance with standard regulations, along with PVB shaping and stretching technology. Thanks to 30 years of experience in the glass industry, it has reached the position of a full-range service provider for its customers.

Brussels based world-wide supplier of glass industry quality measuring instruments and PVB shaping and stretching technologies Ayrox has carved out a world-leading position for itself in a very special niche. The company’s focus is on automotive and architectural products and a product offering that includes all key instruments needed for the assurance of quality and compliance with standard regulations, in addition to specific PVB shaping and stretching technology. With this capability, Ayrox stands out as a full-range service provider for its customers.

Ayrox has a record of 30 years in the glass industry. To stay ahead, however, requires more than a long record: “It is mostly an issue of a solid industry background that enables you to see the directions of change,” says Timo Suomi, Founder of the family-owned company Ayrox.
“The development of standards needs to be monitored, new glass applications fully understood, contacts with customers and specialists are also absolutely vital as is the service mentality needed in making the business tick. Customers are often generally aware of what they need for their quality monitoring but creating the readiness in practice takes a lot of effort. We like to think that we can meet the customer requirements from one source and deliver full service including equipment and training. Close monitoring of customer needs ensures that vital client input receives proper attention. The alternative for clients would be working individually with up to a dozen suppliers or so. The cost-effectiveness of our package has enabled us to state that product training is free for all our quality control products.”
During the COVID-19 pandemic, visits to customers had to be postponed but video conferences replaced some of them. On-site demonstrations of instruments and machinery were not possible, but samples supplied by clients were tested in house and videos confirming compliance and test results were sent to them electronically.

AutoGASP II: automatic surface stress measurement

The health crisis also pushed Ayrox towards a more active internet presence, namely sponsoring the Challenging Glass 7 Conference webinar, working towards an upgrade of its website, and a more extensive Linked-in presence to name a few projects.
The calmer COVID months have also been used to finalise the project to become ISO 17025 certified calibration laboratory for polarimeters, and certified testing laboratory for surface stress measurements according to EN 12150, EN 1863 and ASTM C1279.

For glass producers, processors, quality inspectors and designers the precision measurement offers the necessary quality assurance and helps prove better characteristics of the products.
Standards and regulations develop quickly and this development is driven by both industry and regulators. The overall aim is safety. Developing rules may leave some market players behind as new regulations may at times be hard to keep on top of. Ayrox full-range services include measuring instruments, calibration and installation, while the required training is a great help for glass producers setting up advanced and expensive product lines.
The latest addition to Ayrox’ product range is the PGP-10, Privacy Glass Polarimeter, used to make surface stress measurements for mechanical strength on dark privacy glass with a light transmission as low as 10 per cent. The primary use is for car sunroofs, rear sidelites and backlites.

Ayrox has a long history as a specialist in PVB treatment, from roll handling to cut sheets ready for lamination. This includes roll transfer, shaping by stretching, relaxation to eliminate thermal tension and cutting. Ayrox PVB shaping and stretching technology generates considerable material savings. In the light of the success met with the windscreen manufacturers, the company has developed its PVB handling and shaping technology further, and it is now also available for both flat and wedged PVB with linear gradient.

Product range
• QC instruments and services for tempered and laminated glass and IGUs
• Large selection of non-destructive optical quality control equipment
• PGP-10 Privacy Glass polarimeter for dark heat treated glass
• Calibration, repair and preventive maintenance of optical QC equipment
• Training in Quality control
• Heatable PVB wiring technologies
• Heatable backlite soldering and testing systems
• Vacuum rings with or without silicone
Silicone and silicon free vacuum rings

Ayrox SCRL

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