Ayrox calibration laboratory obtains ISO 17025 accreditation

Ayrox calibration laboratory now performs ISO 17025 accredited calibrations for polarimeters

For more than 15 years, Ayrox laboratory in Brussels, Belgium, has performed polarimeter calibrations and offered testing services for glass and plastic manufacturers, car manufacturers, plastic extruders and many others in the glass and polymers industry.

“It was a natural decision to go to the next level and get an internationally recognised status for our laboratory by reaching for ISO 17025 accreditation,” said Laboratory Manager Mikko Suomi. “Indeed, the trend in the industry has been going towards growing importance of quality assurance in companies, like ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, which naturally also implies using certified service providers,” he added.

There are several reasons to use calibrated instruments:

  • Quality assurance and confidence in the reading of your instrument since incorrect measurements may be costly or induce wrong decisions.
  • The precision of the instrument is confirmed during calibration.
  • Normative requirements, whether internal, external or client requirements. Most regulations require the measurement instruments to be calibrated or verified according to a calibration plan.

Why opt for ISO 17025 accredited calibration?

  • Traceability of your measurements to the International System of Units (SI).
  • All calibration methods are validated and audited annually by an official national laboratory accreditation institute.
  • Normative requirements and many regulated industries require using ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories to ensure high quality calibrations.

In addition to the above, Ayrox laboratory specialists provide much more than a mere calibration service. Preventive maintenance in addition to calibration ensures that the instrument is serviced, cleaned, and calibrated to the highest standards.

For more information, please visit the website or contact the company at or +32-2-3756198.

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