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Automotive Glass Europe celebrates record number of satisfied customers

Pim de Ridder, managing director, Automotive Glass Europe

Automotive Glass Europe is a partnership of automotive glass replacement and repair companies covering 18 European countries, which employs 7,000 specialist glass professionals and operates from 1,500 fitting centres.

Automotive Glass Europe, the partnership of automotive glass replacement and repair companies covering 18 European countries, celebrated a record number of satisfied customers in 2017.
The network, employing 7,000 specialist glass professionals and operating from 1,500 fitting centres, has completed the largest ever number of repairs and replacements in 2017 with growth stimulated by increasing numbers of people travelling throughout Europe.
One of the countries experiencing the largest growth, according to the European Travel Commission’s latest report, is Portugal, where visitor numbers have risen by 25% when compared to 2016.
Joana Marques, managing director of Grupo ExpressGlass, the Automotive Glass Europe® partner in Portugal, explains: “This year has been the busiest on record and we have been serving more drivers than ever from countries all over Europe. The UK in particular has accounted for many of these with a significant increase in demand for replacement of windscreens on left-hand drive vehicles.
“The fact Europe as a whole has experienced a 6% increase in visitors this year shows the real value of the Automotive Glass Europe® partnership which means drivers receive seamless service throughout Europe. All it takes is one call to their home country to make the arrangements, doing away with language barriers and allowing payment in their local currency,” says Joana.
Joana, who is also a board member at Automotive Glass Europe®, adds that partners from many countries have reported a record year, helped by a strong US dollar leading to a reported 6% increase in visitors to Europe from the US.
Joana comments: “Many Americans love to visit several countries when they are in Europe and, to enable this, they often hire cars so they can travel around. These visitors are part of an incredible growth in demand for repairs and replacements across our network.”
Pete Marsden, managing director at National Windscreens, the UK partner of Automotive Glass Europe®, also reports a substantial increase in cross-border demand for vehicle glass replacement.
“The number of UK registered vehicles requesting glass replacement services whilst travelling throughout other European countries has been steadily growing. That is why we are so pleased to be part of this European-wide network, allowing us to provide unrivalled and seamless service to our insurance, leasing and fleet customers,” said Pete.
Pim de Ridder, Automotive Glass Europe® managing director, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to service so many customers this year which really shows the value of us being an ambassador for so many fleets and insurers in 18 European countries.
“With more vehicles than ever crossing European borders and with many of these in need of repair or replacement services, the demand for our services and the convenience it offers continues to grow rapidly,” he concludes.

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