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Glass Décor has announced the commissioning of two new production lines

Glass Décor, based in the region of Moscow, Russia, has announced that it has commissioned two new production lines from Fermac and Madag.

Glass Décor has announced the commissioning of two new production lines by Fermac (Italy) and Madag (Switzerland) at the Glass Décor decoration factory in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region.
Investing in new production lines is an important step in improving and updating production processes and in accelerating the implementation of current and urgent orders for customers of Glass Décor.
The line of fully automatic decoration of bottles produced by Fermac, Italy is already 10th in the account, installed at the Glass Décor factory, and the second line with numerical program control. This screen printing machine is designed for decoration of glass products of complex shape, as well as decoration on the sides of the bottle. This is the only printing machine in the world equipped with a CNC control system to synchronize five digital coordinates during printing, including vertical movement, stencil movement and product rotation. Such control allows the specialists of Glass Decor to accurately control the printing process on glass bottles of any shape – round, square, oval, conical and irregularly shaped bottles. The work of the technological line is controlled by a processor, taking into account the shape and size of the bottle to be decorated.
The new production line is equipped with an additional station for printing with UV inks with the same curing of paint by 360°. For thermoplastic paints there is an optical infrared pyrometer with the function of automatically maintaining the set temperature. A special camera is installed in front of the unloading station to control the print quality. This system has a friendly user interface and stores a reference sample of the decorated bottle in memory. The installation operator selects the required number of inspection zones (depending on the complexity of the scenery) and sets the required tolerances in each decoration area. The computer system compiles and stores statistical reports. The modem connection with the manufacturer – Fermac – guarantees an online solution of any issues arising in the production process.
The new decoration line is equipped with 10 stations and performs full-color printing in 8 colors with a maximum capacity of 80 bottles per minute, or 4,500 per hour.
In addition to the new line of automatic decoration, a new line of hot stamping with foil DecoRoll produced by Madag, Switzerland, was launched at the Orekhovo-Zuevo plant. This plant weighing more than 2500 kg is designed for high-precision hot stamping of round bottles. Unlike most installations of other manufacturers that perform hot foil stamping on plastic surfaces, the Madag line is designed to work exclusively with glass bottles.
The maximum productivity of the new production line is 50 bottles per minute, or 3000 per hour.
Hot foil stamping is one of the most common decorating technologies: during the pressure and heating of the metallized film, the desired text and image are transferred to the glass surface. The advantage of this technology is the application of bright inscriptions and drawings on the already painted surface of the glass without the need to pre-bake the bottle at high temperature. At the same time, the quality and clarity of the image remain excellent.
Another important difference between the hot foil stamping technology is the imitation of the bulk surface. This effect is achieved through a complex decoration, that is, a combination of other technologies with hot foil stamping.
“Investing in new technologies is not only an integral step in the development of our company, but it is also a natural step to improve the quality and speed of fulfilling orders for Glass Décor clients,” says the company’s founder Vladimir Arutyunov. “We brought to Russia and launched two new lines not by chance: Glass Decor is the leader of the decor market in Russia, and to always be so, we choose only reliable, reliable and best partners – leaders in their class.”
Glass Décor was founded in 1999. In the structure of Glass Décor there is a glass factory in the city of Gus-Khrustalny, Bunkovsky Experimental Plant, decorating plants in Orekhovo-Zuevo and Skopin (the former enterprise of Italdecor), the logistics company Glass Décor Logistics, the corrugated cardboard and stretch unit -films, trading companies.
The glass factory produces 120,000,000 units of clean bottles per year with a capacity of 0.05 to 4.0 liters. The assortment of a clean bottle of Glass Décor includes two models – Standard and Elite and consists of 64 items.
The Glass Décor decoration factory in Orekhovo-Zuevo produces a complex decoration of the glass bottle, the plant’s production facilities allow to decorate 15,000,000 items per month. Glass Décor produces complex types of decoration on the glass, for example, vacuum metallization of glassware and decoration on the edge of a glass bottle. Glass Décor plants are ISO certified, and decorations received awards from international competitions ProdExstraPak and GrandEketet.
Glass Décor products are exported to more than 30 countries. Clients of Glass Décor include large and well-known manufacturers of alcohol drinks such as Alcoholic Siberian Group, JSC Tatspirtprom, BELUGA GROUP (Synergy), Ladoga Group, Luding Group, AZ Granata (Azerbaijan), Armenia Vine (Armenia), GEM International (Mongolia), other producers.


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