ASAHI GLASS, AGC, Launches Global Sales of SURECO™, a High-Performance Fluorinated Coating

Antifouling coating example usage

Asahi Glass, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, announced today its new brand, SURECO™, a high-performance fluorinated coating agent.

As the first release, starting March 8, 2017, AGC will launch global sales of a fluorinated coating product that has excellent anti-abrasive properties together with advantages of fluorine. Going forward, the company will explore needs around the world and add more products to the SURECO lineup to provide a wide range of functionality that will include moisture proofing, waterproofing, and rust prevention. 
Antifouling and mold-release coating agents resist adhesion of water, oil and other elements and they are widely used in materials such as glass, metal, and resin. However, conventional coatings have low abrasion resistance, which causes them to wear-off quickly from friction as they are used. This makes it necessary to apply overly thick coatings or reapply frequently to keep the desired effects. Further, some coating agents have no oil repellency, a drawback that makes them prone to buildup of sebum and other oils. AGC's new offering, SURECO, is an antifouling and mold-release coating agent that combines high abrasion resistance with the outstanding performance of fluorine. Despite its thin coating, it provides superior abrasion resistance with almost no loss in performance. Fingerprints also wipe off with ease, making it an ideal product for coating products like touch panel glass, lenses and mirrors. Including for metals and resins, SURECO imbues coated objects with abrasion resistance, antifouling properties, water and oil repellency, and even superior mold releasability. Taking advantage of these attributes, AGC plans to pioneer a wide variety of new applications that go beyond glass and lenses to introduce on a global scale.