Ardagh Group’s Captain Cullet and Little Gob o’ Glass educate on glass

Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has introduced its updated glassmaking and recycling online educational program – Captain Cullet and the Little Gob o’ Glass.

The free, online educational program, featuring Captain Cullet and the Little Gob o’ Glass, offers elementary schools, teachers, parents and students alike a well-rounded curriculum that includes two online animated videos; an activity book with age-appropriate games, mazes and puzzles; bookmarks; a certificate for completing the program; and coloring sheets featuring the two animated characters.
The animated stars of the program, Captain Cullet and the Little Gob o’ Glass, promote recycling, reusing, and choosing healthy and safe packaging for food and beverages. Captain Cullet is a robot who crushes glass into cullet, or crushed glass containers, to be used again in future glass packaging. His sidekick, the Little Gob o’ Glass, is a drop of hot molten glass – the form of glass just before being molded into a container.
“As a leader in glass packaging, Ardagh Group understands the importance of educating today’s youth about the benefits of glass and recycling, explaining the true impact it has on our environment,” said Alex Robertson, Chief Commercial Officer at Ardagh Group’s Glass North America division. “Early education is crucial, as positive habits are instilled at a young age. Captain Cullet and the Little Gob o’ Glass is a fun, interactive resource that focuses on early education where the impact is most effective, helping to pave a path for future generations.”
The Captain Cullet and the Little Gob o’ Glass program provides an opportunity for Ardagh Group to give back to the communities it serves by educating children on how to improve their carbon footprint. To download materials from the Captain Cullet and the Little Gob o’ Glass educational program, visit
As a manufacturer of 100 percent endlessly recyclable glass containers, Ardagh Group is committed to being an environmentally conscious organization. In 2015, one of our U.S. manufacturing facilities utilized up to 92% of recycled content in its manufacturing processes. Ardagh Group’s goal is to become the leading supplier of inherently sustainable packaging, and will achieve this by embedding sustainability practices into our business purposes, our key decisions and our global management. For more information on Ardagh Group’s Sustainability Policy, visit!reducing-environmental-impact.