Ardagh and JDO create stylish new Catto’s whisky bottle

Ardagh Group and JDO Brand & Design have joined forces to produce a dynamic new look for Catto’s 70cl, 75cl, 1L and 1.14L deluxe blended Scotch whisky bottles.

James Catto is acclaimed as one of the pioneers of blending, and one of the first to ship blended whisky around the world. This entrepreneurial spirit is at the very heart of the brand, and was the key driver for International Beverage Holdings Ltd (IBHL), in the redesign of the new Catto’s bottle.
Catto’s is a high quality blended Scotch whisky that is a hidden gem within the IBHL portfolio. Revered by some, its packaging had been untouched for over a decade and required refreshing to match the quality of the blend. With the brand’s core consumers ageing, a younger generation needed to engage with the brand and its rich and interesting history needed to be brought back to life.
JDO was briefed to develop an evocative and motivating brand proposition to be launched into new markets and re-launched into key markets across the rest of the world. The team was briefed to add ‘premiumness’ and modernity and to create emotional engagement through celebrating the brand’s rich history. In engaging with a new audience, it was also important that existing consumers were not left behind.
The new bottle has a contemporary aesthetic whilst retaining core whisky cues. A major aspect of the stylish new design was the debossed feature on the front of the bottle that depicts a ripple effect of waves formed by a boat cutting through the water. This representation enhances the story of the ocean liners that would have taken Catto’s to all corners of the world. The rampant lion represents a proud Scottish heritage and sense of depth and strength while the watermark imparts a sense of mellowness and delicacy.
Ardagh’s product design team also achieved a one-contact tapered design with a prominent rounded neck profile, a significant improvement on the two touch contact design of the former bottle. Optimum filling line efficiencies were also achieved by standardising the design of the 70cl and 75cl versions with the same label sizes, and creating identical overall diameters and base diameters for the litre and 1.4 litre bottles.
The label shape, which takes inspiration from a boat’s bow, was designed to sit within the wave feature intensifying the lines created in glass.
Lynne Buckley, Brand Manager at Catto’s, commented: “JDO’s and Ardagh’s work for Catto’s has enabled us to tell the brand’s rich story in a compelling way and to present the product in packaging that truly befits its character.”

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