AOE reimagines Chinese office building

The building façade is made of ultra-white glass which makes objects, spaces, material and colour from the interior visible to the outside

Beijing-based architecture and interior design studio AOE aimed to reconsider the special function of the Chinese sales office building, in hopes of making it more sustainable through design, by creating a symbolic public building for the future community and city. The architects designed the ‘Heze Guangzhou road courtyard no 1 sales office’, situated at the intersection of Guangzhou road and Minjiang road in the economic development zone of Heze city in Shandong, China.
As China’s development and urbanization continues, property developers have begun to expand into new markets such as third and fourth-tier cities like Heze city in Shandong. sales offices have become an important conduit for them to demonstrate their brand’s strength and design philosophy. These offices are not only community activity centres and lounge areas for client communication, but also a promotional window to attract more clients to buy properties.
Due to its unique location, AOE intended the project to be a landmark building in the future development of this prefecture-level city. The architects hope, through the concept of humanity and sustainability, to express the city’s future yearning for a better life, and to provide its local residents an impressive public space.
The concept highlights the artistic style that reflected the social and technological changes of the 1920s. It intends to express the mutual influence and interdependence between physical and virtual space in the digital age since many of today’s actions are performed in the virtual world. therefore, the objects in the building are designed to float in an unstable state, mimicking the ephemeral virtual.
Each object echoes a corresponding function in a unique form: the entrance is shaped like a horseshoe; the model area imitates a big camera lens; the enterprise brand, a blue stone; and the office area stands out as an orange coloured box. objects floating in the air form a rich and hierarchical space, welcoming the surrounding audiences with an open dynamic posture. some of the objects collide with the glass surface and leave traces to form unique architectural features.
The building façade is made of ultra-white glass which makes objects, spaces, material and colour from the interior visible to the outside. stainless steel metal panels with different reflectivity are used in the space, giving the various objects a range of colour, forming a rich interaction between people and the multiple colours, forms and materials found in the building. as a reflection of the real world, through this project AOE attempts to look beyond a single function of the sales office through improved design, so that it can enhance the quality of public life and encourage visitors to make a positive contribution to the community.