AnyPlan: The first trade show matchmaking app

When a company decides to attend an exhibition in any trade fair in the world, there are a lot of things to do: booking the space, designing the booth, thinking about the products and their presentation and organizing appointments with old and new clients.

Planning appointments is a complicated activity, because finding the respective availabilities is not easy, as well as defining the meeting and optimizing the trade show attendance of the company. Of course during an event, there are always problems that occur regularly, such as cancelled meetings and time changes that cause a loss of possibilities for a company to meet more clients.
AnyPlan has been created to be manageable from mobile phones. It allows organisation of multiple meetings during a trade fair thus optimising time management, and facilitating planning. The app is available both for iOS and Android mobile phones, has a clear layout and is user-friendly. It’s easy to register, users insert personal and company data and find an event among the 4,000 trade fairs registered in the database. People can confirm their attendance both if they are visitors or exhibitors.
The user can share their agenda availabilities for an event with all the users that are registered in the app with just a click. At the same time they can see that the other delegates have confirmed their participation in the same trade fair. It is also possible to share availability with other people who are present in mobile phone address books. The recipients can confirm date and time according to their availabilities, and the confirmation will appear in the sender’s agenda on AnyPlan.
Through this innovative app everything is fully optimized: the “Create Custom Meeting” function allows users to extend the invitations for a specific date and time during an event, filling all the free days in the agenda.
The biggest advantage of AnyPlan is organizing business meetings very quickly, with adequate notice from the event. Moreover, the possible setbacks or changes during the trade fair can be easily managed inside the app: AnyPlan allows the ongoing connections with your contacts, so that any update will be notified in real time to the other person.
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