ANTONINI: Integrating tradition and innovation in avant-garde technologies

Antonini is, today, synonymous of quality, ‘Install and Forget’ reliability, high specialisation, know-how and high-tech production in terms of efficiency. Thus, the company can guarantee the certainty of Made-in-Italy products, keeping the entire production process under its direct control.

Based in Tuscany between Florence and Pisa, Antonini has become, since its founding in the 1940s, a world leader in annealing and decorating lehrs for hollow glass. The company was founded by Fosco Antonini after the second world war and was, at the beginning, an artisan business making tools and small instruments for handmade and semi-automatic manufactured glass articles.
To meet the increasing demands of local glassworks plants, Antonini then went on to specialise its production in the 1970s manufacturing annealing and decorating lehrs for hollow glass, gaining prestige at both local and national level.
Rapid international expansion followed during the 1980s, when the company demonstrated its high competitiveness, affirming itself in the markets of five continents.
Antonini is now among the world leaders in its market, with over 1,900 installations in 88 countries the world over.
Benefiting from its consolidated experience, Antonini has been – and is able to – integrate tradition and innovation in avant-garde technologies, focusing constantly on the changing needs of its ever present clients.
The owners of the company today are the sons of Fosco Antonini, Massimo and Cesare Antonini, whereas the management is now in the hands of the third generation: Francesca Antonini is the technical managing director, Barbara Antonini is the sales and marketing managing director, and Maurizio Vignozzi is production and financial director.

Antonini has defined its winning corporate policy by meeting a diversity of market needs, always putting customers’ requirements first, thus developing that great flexibility and dynamics which characterizes the business.
Thanks to experience acquired over the years, Antonini is able to offer the same reliability and technology in all the machines of its production programme, as well as all overhauling or upgrade of existing lehrs – whatever the brand – thus guaranteeing minimum component requirements and a reduced spare parts warehouse.
With a workforce of 100 employees, including a team of qualified managers and highly specialised engineers, Antonini is an industry leader in the manufacturing of machinery for hollow glass producers worldwide. The company takes pride in offering custom services and has, in the CRM (Customer Relation Management) model, found the successful formula for meeting customers’ growing expectations and changing needs, standing out with prestige in the international market.
The range of equipment and accessories required by the hollow glass industries has increased considerably, especially during last 20 years, which Antonini is now supplying and producing: annealing lehrs, decorating lehrs (for ceramic paint, organic links, etc.), tempering lehrs on belt, lehrs for glass blocks, lehrs for HV insulators, lehrs for special thermal treatments, kilns four moulds and other (both stand-alone and built in models), lehrs upgrading and overhauling, fire polishes, cold end sprays and dosing units, scrapers.

Antonini has a global commercial network all over the world, with agents located in Turkey, Russia, India, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Korea, Egypt, USA, China, Argentina, covering Latin and South America. The target is now to open an office in Mexico, one of the company’s main markets, to provide a faster service for customers.
In Italy Antonini now has two plants, one located in Empoli, for production and offices, one located in Vinci, the city where Leonardo da Vinci was born, for painting, testing, logistics and shipment of equipment.
Antonini also holds training courses for employees and engineers of the service department in Vinci. Antonini has 100 employers, all working at the two plants. 95 per cent of Antonini’s annual revenue comes from export.

Research and development, along with research and technological development, are the company’s main focus, refers to innovative activities in developing new services or products, or improving existing ones.
New product design and development is often a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In a global industrial landscape that is changing fast, companies must continually revise their designs and range of products, due to aggressive competition and the evolving preferences of customers.
Antonini is available for its customers’ for studying new or very particular needs, for reducing energy consumption, for quick problem solving and very fast post sales service.
Antonini is an active member of Gimav and Confindustria Italy Associations.
The company is also involved in social aid, supporting the local hospital and cooperating with associations that employ disabled workers.

From right: Andrea Cella, Andrea Bassi, Giacomo Orselli, of the Sales and Marketing Department, headed by Lorenzo Frediani, not present in the photo.

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