Alphaglass rebuild its furnace and will hire around 50 people

The Alphaglass factory, which produces top-of-the-range bottles and flasks, has announced major work on its Audomarois site, with the creation of around fifty jobs.

Alphaglass is investing about 37 million EUR to rebuild its glass furnace in Arques, near Saint-Omer. The company, located near the Arc glass factory in Arques, has 500 employees.

Spring was difficult, with production stopping for Alphaglass (Saverglass Group), in Arques, near Saint-Omer, France. But the end of the summer has given high hope for a revival, with orders resuming, for the glassmaker, making luxury bottles for wines and spirits, as well as Alphadec, the bottle decoration workshop.

The rebuild of the site’s main furnace is therefore confirmed. This project is an opportunity for modernization, with a reduction of CO2 and other polluting emissions, less problems and the possibility of loading the furnace from both sides.

Coupled with an eighth production line, this investment will increase production by 20 percent, and create around fifty jobs. But as part of the recovery plan, in the “relocation of industry” component, Alphaglass plans to add another 50 jobs.

During the two-and-a-half months of the works, a large part of the site’s 500 employees will be on part-time work, on leave, or travelling to other group sites, particularly in Belgium.