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Allied Glass welcomes the new Boxer Gin bottle

The design of a spirit bottle should reflect a brand’s story and educate the consumer as to why they should pick it up from the shelf

Masterfully designed, the new Boxer Gin bottle pays homage to the preeminent 19th century boxer Thomas King. Also known as “The Fighting Sailor”, Thomas King became the Heavyweight Champion of the World in 1863 and enjoyed a few gins after every fight. The brand’s story draws upon classic British sporting heritage during the ‘Golden Years’ of gin following the repeal of the Gin Act in the late 18th century.

The design is both intelligent and captivating, with multiple points of discovery in line with the brand story making the bottle stand out. Thomas King’s captivating image, embossed on the back of the bottle, was first designed through 3D modelling by Allied’s design team, using a technique which allowed the emboss to be multi-layered creating a real depth and complexity to the bottle. The heel of the bottle displays the brand’s motto of ‘Heritage & Heart’ whilst the 4 rings over the gently sloping shoulder denote the four ropes of a boxing ring.

The bold cobalt blue glass bottle was created in our Knottingley factory through feeder colour technology, using 60 percent recycled glass and finished with a vintage white screen print at Allied’s Decoration facility.

Michael Hogley Allied’s Design Director, said, “This was a fantastic project for our design team to work on, the Boxer Gin bottle having used both design inspiration and advanced 3D modelling technology to create a bottle that perfectly reflects the brand’s message and creates amazing on-shelf presence.”

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