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Allied Glass welcomes a new whiskey

Allied Glass celebrates the launch of every new brand they work with, so they are delighted to introduce Bua Irish Whiskey

Bua is the Irish word for win or victory and Bua Irish Whiskey celebrates the aspirational underdog side of everyone.

Bottled in Allied’s classic Newton, which combines traditional elegance with modern craft design manufactured in extra white flint glass, the front and centre of the Bua label features the tortoise and hare of Aesop’s fable fame. The story, which is about an underdog gaining a small win when they take the time to do what they set out to do (and do it right), perfectly encapsulates the meaning behind the Bua brand, which speaks of the small successes experienced every day.

This whiskey is a blend of single grain and single malt Irish whiskeys which have been triple distilled and aged in five distinct barrel types.

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