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Founded in the late 1990s and set up in the province of Parma, northern Italy, All Glass has undergone continuous and constant evolution over the years, consolidating its presence in both national and international markets as a leading supplier of cold-end equipment and the most advanced technological packaging equipment for the glass industry.

Founded at the end of the 1990s in the heart of the Po Valley in Traversetolo (Parma), All Glass quickly specialised in the cold-end sector thanks to the know-how of its founders, and soon became an important national and international supplier to the most important glass multinational companies and groups.
Over the years, also thanks to the continuous requests from the market, the company has studied, designed and supplied diverse types of equipment that has been ‘standardised’ and ‘customised’ to make them more and more effective and increasingly performing the specific requests of the final user.
The company quickly configured itself in such a way as to cope with ever more insistent market demands of a ‘single interlocutor’, able to propose complete solutions starting from the surface treatment of the items on the lehr exit up to the palletising, wrapping, shrinking of products.
The continuous improvement and the strong corporate targets to be a 360 degree partner for clients has allowed us to complete its already extensive range of packaging solutions, being able to propose over the years increasingly innovative solutions to the handling and storage of the products by means of AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) systems.
A strong and consolidated partnership, spanning over 10 years with Tecnoferrari, located in Modena, has enabled to merge the know-how of the two companies, thus guaranteeing advanced technology and customised solutions for the benefit of customers.

With the aim of making the manufacturing process automated and extremely user-friendly, a new automatic system called Easy was launched in June, used to adjust the side guides on the conveyors. This patented system aims to speed up format changes and eliminate the risk of any falls for operators during adjustments in the raised parts of the lines which are hard-to-reach.
All Glass is able to offer tried and tested professionalism and a highly technical/commercial service in every country of the world where there is a need to innovate, build and carry out new important projects.

All Glass is also ready to inaugurate a new production unit near Traversetolo (PR) which with its approximately 23,000 sq.m. of floor area, will increase the production capacity of the company. Combined with the existing factory, this will result in about 40,000 square meters of floor area used exclusively for the production, set-up and testing of equipment.

Product quality and Customer Service have allowed All Glass to become a reliable partner for packaging systems worldwide. Vocation to the global market is evidenced by the percentage of about 90 per cent of products delivered to foreign countries every year, and by clients coming from all the continents.
The basis of this international success are the care and dedication of people working in the group. Team spirit is the winning card here to face the continuous challenges and innovations proposed by the global market.
Regular training sessions are organised in order to develop the quality, expertise and professionalism of human resources, while specific symposia presenting new technological innovations are planned for clients, regarding the range of global handling solutions.

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