AGSC announces free regional accreditation training and testing

The AGSC Council is to provide regional technician training to automotive glass replacement providers, thus ensuring safety by developing and maintaining standards for the replacement of automotive glass.

The mission of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is to make every automotive glass replacement safer by developing and maintaining standards for the replacement of automotive glass; educating and accrediting the industry; and promoting awareness of the Auto Glass Safety Council Standard to the insurance industry and driving public at large.
In doing so, technician training and accreditation is of the highest importance to the AGSC and that is why this not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the safe replacement of automotive glass, is planning to provide its widely successful Technician Training to various regions of the country. Pre-registration ends 1 April for Texas and 29 August for Baltimore.
The cost for technicians who work for AGSC Registered Member Companies is free and USD 49 for those who do not work for AGSC Registered Member Companies. Also as a special incentive, companies that become AGSC Registered Member Companies by the date of this training can sign-up their technicians onsite to take the training and test for free (the USD 49 will be credited back once deducted from the total AGSC registration fees). All fees include both the training and examination.
By offering regionally-based Technician Training, the goal is to ensure that all technicians who strive to make safe installations their primary goal will have the opportunity to take part in this beneficial AGSC accreditation training and testing program.
For more information about the AGSC and its training opportunities, please visit the official website at

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