AGR publishes “Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects”

American Glass Research has just published its second book, entitled “Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects”

The new book was authored by Senior Scientists Dr. Brandon Aldinger and Peter de Haan and is a photographic guide for manufacturers, fillers, and trade suppliers that can assist in quickly identifying defects and their sources.

“This volume delivers a common lexicon for understanding defects that often go by several names across industry sectors even from facility to facility” said Dr. Aldinger. The Atlas is comprised of 154 pages with over 450 original photographs along with detailed descriptions of 65 defects that occur in container glass. It is hardbound and printed on high-quality photo paper. Defects specific to tubing vials are also included due to their importance in pharmaceuticals. Appendices include diagrams of the parts of glass containers as well as a glossary of glass defect terminology.
“While there are a few defect guides available in the market, we feel our version raises the bar both technically and aesthetically”, explained Bill Slusser, American Glass Research Director of Research. “We expect significant interest for the Atlas among glass manufacturer’s, fillers and trade suppliers”.

According to Peter de Haan, a co-author of the book, “it will be most useful to quality control personnel who are responsible for inspecting glass containers. Plant managers, sales representatives, and purchasers may also find the guide to be helpful in assessing the nature and severity of a particular defect”.

The “Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects” is available through Amazon or directly from AGR via the website:  or by calling +1-724-482-2163.

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