AGR launches new website

The AGR site provides an interactive experience for users with opportunities to communicate directly.

American Glass Research has launched its new website, This site replaces the previous website that has been in use for a number of years. In addition to aesthetic improvements and traditional information on services and training school schedules, the site provides an interactive experience for users with ample opportunities to communicate directly through the ‘Ask Our Expert’ feature, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘LinkedIn’ connectivity.
The new site was initially launched in English but will be expanded to multiple language offerings.
One of the highlights of the site is the Library section, which includes a selection of legacy papers created over the years by American Glass Research scientists. Featured in this section are a number of papers written by Dr. Frank Preston, a pioneer in glass testing and the founder of American Glass Research. This selection of papers offers historical and scientific insight into the original science that initiated a deeper understanding of glass and its response to load. American Glass Research will continue to build this library and further add industry significant-legacy papers along with their latest technical publications.
Other features of the new site include easy access to Testing and Analytical Services and the Glass Technology Training Seminars offered by American Glass Research. The site provides details on these services, including expanded course descriptions and up-to-date course schedules for the next twelve months as well as on-line registration.
According to Bill Slusser, Manager Research Services at American Glass Research, “We designed our site with the customers’ needs firmly in mind. We wanted them to have quick access to the answers they were seeking and provide multiple opportunities for them to connect with us directly.
“Our goal with the website was the same as our goals for the business … find ways to diagnose the problems our customers face and provide them with real solutions.”

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