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AGR: Fast-Track Bottle Design Service

AGR has enhanced its Fast-Track Bottle Design Service

Agr International supplies on-line and laboratory inspection equipment to the glass and plastics industries, developing strong partnerships with clients and providing solution oriented services.

AGR has enhanced its Fast-Track Bottle Design Service and customers can now receive an actual 3D printed replica of their proposed bottle design. The 3D printed bottles are the exact dimensions as described in the technical drawing and even include all unique design features and logos. Providing the 3D printed bottle provides enhanced visualization of the end product (including label application) to the customer well in advance of actual bottle production.
Using a technical drawing of the container and a known or assumed vertical thickness distribution, a container can be analyzed to identify potential problem areas for the design. Results are compared to well-established glass surface strength criteria and the service requirements to ensure that the bottle will perform as a commercially acceptable package.
AGR’s Conceptual Bottle Design and Onsite Bottle Design Service and is expected to enhance the customer experience during glass container development projects.
Onsite design help is available for those interested in accelerating their project. The AGR Container Design team will work closely with clients at their location or at Agr premises to understand requirements and execute a glass container development project in a time saving and cost effective manner. Agr eliminates time consuming ‘back and forths’. Design projects that can take weeks or months can be completed in days or possibly hours since decision makers are in Agr’s design team.
A Design Evaluation can be requested directly on the Agr website at:

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