AGC’s glazing technology with integrated antennas used for new Mercedes-Benz

AGC Automotive Europe is supplying the rear window with built-in antennas for the eagerly awaited Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

For the first time ever the European automotive branch of AGC has designed this technology entirely in-house, from the design and production of the glass to development of the antennas and incorporating them into the end product. The network of antennas which neatly blends with the defrosting elements comprises no fewer than eight different applications covering the radio, television and operational requirements of the vehicle occupants.
Previously, design of the antennas was subcontracted to specialist suppliers. But now by keeping the entire process in-house AGC Automotive Europe is able to offer various advantages for carmakers, including:
– Shorter production lead times, enabling the new model to be put on the market earlier
– Sole responsibility for production and delivery of the product
– Superior quality, thanks to optimum integration of all the technical requirements throughout the project.
 This technological advance in glassmaking solutions reinforces the company’s strategy of developing products with high added value for its automotive customers.