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AGC releases newest chemically strengthened glass for mobile devices

AGC Asahi Glass (AGC) has announced a new, stronger lineup of its Dragontrail™ series of chemically strengthened glass used globally in smartphones and tablets.

Called Dragontrail Pro, the new line features a rounded edge with improved strength, and will help enable a wider range of more stylishly designed smartphones.
Smartphones and other mobile devices are used increasingly around the world, and have now become an essential part of daily life. Their functions are evolving day by day, as are their designs. The cover glass protecting the display surface is no exception. Emphasis is put on the beauty of its edge design, which is achieved with a smooth rounded surface finish. Increasingly, however, when a device is dropped, both the glass surface and the rounded glass edge sustain a direct impact, resulting in cracks and scratches. Thus, the cover glass requires further strengthening to ensure it can survive this kind of impact.
Using the glass breakage analysis technology it has developed over many years – including the nearly six years since it debuted Dragontrail glass – AGC has developed Dragontrail Pro. The new glass improves edge strength by 30 percent compared to the previous version of Dragontrail. By adopting Dragontrail Pro and designing it into their products, manufacturers will be able to offer consumers mobile devices with screens that deliver greatly improved robustness and protection.

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