AGC Interpane showcases new glazing developments

Stopray Ultra-60 on Clearvision and Stopray Ultra-60T on Clearvision are both triple-silver, high selective, bendable and on low-iron glass.

AGC Interpane has unveiled a new generation of combinable, highly selective glazing: Stopray Ultra-60 on Clearvision and Stopray Ultra-60T on Clearvision, both of which are solar control coatings on low-iron glass.

As triple silver-coated glass types, these products are highly selective (selectivity > 2) and provide excellent protection against the unwanted heating effects of the sun’s rays with a solar factor of 32 percent. The need for air conditioning in summer is reduced as a result. At the same time, they allow 65 percent of the visible light to enter the room, providing maximum daylight utilisation and light-flooded interiors all year round.

Light reflection is relatively low, with 13 percent to the outside and 15 percent to the inside, which also has a positive effect on transparency. With a thermal transmittance (Ug) of only 1.0 W/(m2K), the glazing offers excellent protection against cooling of the interior space when temperatures are low, saving on heating costs and protecting the environment.

The temperable variant Stopray Ultra-60T on Clearvision can be curved and further transformed using screen printing or other techniques. The biggest advantage of using these products in high-end architecture, however, is that they are matchable: since they are aesthetically identical, they can be placed next to each other in a façade, allowing flat panes to be combined with curved panes.

Picture information: Curved and flat panes that are aesthetically identical – this feature makes Stopray Ultra-60 and Stopray Ultra-60T on Clearvision especially attractive for high-end architecture. Stopray Ultra-60 on Clearvision was used in the Astro Tower in Brussels.