AGC Glass Europe launches TIREXtreme glass for multi-touch screens

In response to the increasing demand for touch cover screens using FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection ) technology, AGC has launched TIREXtreme glass.

Pioneers in the development of this promising infrared in glass multi touch detection such as FlatFrog have already adopted AGC’s TIREXtreme for their screens measuring more than 20 inches. They were won over by its exceptional transmission power in the near infrared.
Offering the same aesthetic properties as clear glass, TIREXtreme has near infrared absorption up to 30 times lower than clear float glass and 3.5 times lower than extra-clear glass, thanks to its special composition. These characteristics combined with its affordable cost make TIREXtreme an excellent material for any technology – touchscreen or other – that depends on transmission of IR through a transparent structure.
These technologies are based on infrared transmitters and receivers arranged around the edge of the glass, so that the infrared light travels up and down by reflection transversally through the glass. Any contact with the surface of the glass (such as finger pressure) creates a disturbance that is detected by the receiver and activates the system accordingly. However, this means that the glass needs to have high IR transmission power. Compared with the competing capacitive technology widely used in smartphones and tablets smaller than 20 inches, internal infrared reflection makes it possible to create multi-touch systems with screens measuring anything from 15 to 120 inches, at an affordable cost.
TIREXtreme is the ideal solution for manufacturers wishing to make use of FTIR. This technology permits touch pressure to be detected with greater accuracy while offering a better appearance, less vulnerability to scratching and greater compactness than conventional IR technologies which use an IR frame positioned in front of the screen. Beyond these very promising multi-touch technologies, TIREXtreme is the ideal material for all applications that require a very transparent substrate with high near-infrared transmission (such as solar power, wireless communication etc.), all at an affordable price.
TIREXtreme is available in various thicknesses ranging from 0.55 to 4 mm, in dimensions of up to 3.21 x 6 m. It maintains its properties even when subjected to manufacturing processes such as curving or toughening (chemical or thermal).

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