ADI to take part in Baku Glass 2016

ADI will display its diamond tools for the glass industry.

ADI – Industrial Diamond Application – is an Italian company founded in 1980 in Thiene (Vicenza), strictly bound to Made in Italy, and is a worldwide leader in the production of diamond tools for ceramics, stone, glass, optics and mechanics.
ADI is a technological excellence, solid, flexible, customer-oriented, able to offer customized and advanced solutions. A strong commitment is necessary to face a competitive market in constant evolution, this is why aimed investments in R&D and infrastructures are preeminent at ADI. The company strongly believes that through those efforts and the support of a prompt service, it can supply the “excellence” to keep its customers always on the edge.
ADI offers a technology up-to-date with the challenges of a rapidly evolving market in hi-tech materials. ADI offer a system and this is made possible thanks to skilled commercial and technical teams, who represent the Human Assets of ADI.