Adelio Lattuada: CyberAL – a choice that gives you more

CyberAL, from Adelio Lattuada, provides automation and interconnection for a truly integrated industrial production.

Robots, automation, integration, Industry 4.0: glass processing steps into a new era. Those who opt for advanced solutions and technology can count on an effective competitive edge. Right from today, Adelio Lattuada will help achieve this new production and flexibility goal with CyberAL.

For more than five years, the company has dedicated internal resources and major investments in designing and building solutions that integrate robots and automation to support our glass processing machines. Thanks to synergies with integrators with a decade of experience, Adelio Lattuada is in a position to offer up to date and world-class know-how and skills.

Thanks to powerful simulation software, the company can key in standard production data and values of workdays and compare them with those obtained from a presumed use of robots. This way, glassmakers can notice the difference and thus make the decision that best fits their efficiency and productivity boost needs.

Adelio Lattuada machines have always been custom-built. With 40 years of experience in the industry, the company can modify configuration to meet production needs, being committed towards making machines more automated and smarter by installing state of the art devices and sensors.

Adelio Lattuada teams are ready to provide appropriate training and technical support. Whether regarding the machine or the applications, the company has a far-reaching network of agents and dealers in every corner of the globe. As concerns robots, they require minimum maintenance considering their high and constant performance.

Thanks to world-class collaborations and supplies, the company’s solutions gain in effectiveness and efficiency year by year. This contributes towards developing know-how and skills assets like few others can worldwide, keeping one guaranteed focus: building applications that are not only easy to implement and use, but that can also keep production performance constant over time.

The more machines are integrated with each other through specially studied software, the greater their efficiency and productivity. Adelio Lattuada is working on getting rid of repetitive manuals and combining control operations: aiming at creating a system where machines can communicate with each other and can make autonomous decisions to maintain high production and safety level, eliminating errors.

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