Adelio Lattuada: A-WR System 3.0

Lattuada A-WR System is an automatic wheels pre-setting and tools wear recovery system.

The exclusive A-WR System introduces a completely automatic wheels setting management, which includes:

  • Automatic pre-setting “ZERO” procedure of diamond and resin wheels, without glass in less than one minute
  • Automatic recover of the polishing wheels’ wear
  • Automatic positioning for the wheel’s replacement
  • Jog increase/decrease of the spindle position (accuracy 0.01 mm)
  • Automatic positioning on setpoint
  • Automatic backlash recovery
  • Automatic spindle cleaning procedure
  • Wheels wear warning
  • Spindle’s problems warning
  • Manual unlocking for any situation
  • Motorized adjustable inlet conveyor

Automatic “zero” presetting of diamond and resin wheels procedure:

  • At the beginning of the shift/day or whenever deemed necessary, the operator selects the “TEACH-IN” option from the touchscreen panel
  • The machine stops the inlet conveyor, lowers all the spindles and then sets the diamond and the resin wheels spindles at the pre-set height with a 0,01 mm tolerance. No test glass needed
  • The system also calculates the inlet conveyor belt wear for a greater accuracy

Advantages of the Lattuada A-WR System:

  • Wheels setting in less than 1 minute, instead of an average 20/30 minutes manual setting
  • Constant wheels setting regardless operator turnover on the machine
  • Extremely simple to use, no sample glass needed
  • Uniform wheels wear
  • Increased spindles cleaning thanks to the spindles jog movement
  • Reduced exit conveyor belt wear or damaging due to an incorrect wheels “zero” setting
  • Early warning on potential maintenance issues
  • Constant quality, more productivity, less maintenance… more revenue