Abravidro and Glass South America: Panorama of the Brazilian glass market

Glass industry in Brazil shows resilience despite the economic crisis and negative indicators

The glass industry in Brazil has been showing its strength for many years, but, in the last 5, it has lived a real roller coaster. With the economic and political crisis of the previous Government, the sector suffered serious impacts and registered one of the worst indices of civil construction in 2015. In 2018, there was a small breath and optimism. In the following year, high expectations were not reach, and the numbers were even lower. In 2020, hope for growth was soon overwhelmed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Brazilian Association of Flat Glass Distributors and Processors, Abravidro, conducts an annual survey and brings all the data in the Panorama market overview. This showed that 89 percent of respondents were willing to invest before the disease reached Brazil. The survey, referring to the year of 2019, shows that, after a consistent recovery in the previous year, the billing of the processing industry closed in fall of 2.7 percent, despite the positive results of tempered and laminated in the period.

Year after year, tempered glass remains the main non-automotive processed product in the Brazilian market, recording a 55 percent share. Sales of tempered glass reached the same rate of laminated, 1 percent growth but this slight growth does not represent the entire processed glass market, since it closed at a fall of 2.7 percent. This number was negatively driven by mirrors and tops, with rates of -14.5 and -13 percent respectively.

Another glass that deserves a more detailed analysis is laminated glass. In addition to having a 1 percent increase in sales, it also registered a 5 percent growth in its production. This was the only type of processed glass that registered growth in this category. The survey also shows that, even if the product loses value annually, the volume grows for the first time in five years.

Panorama brings clear graphics and shows that, for the third consecutive year, hiring has increased. In 2019, this number closed at +2.7 percent, while 2018 was +1 percent. Despite being a slight growth, the data is very positive and shows business confidence.

In a partnership with Abravidro, Glass South America, the main trade show for the glass industry in Latin America, supports the glass sector to achieve better rates and boost its production. Therefore, you can analyse all this data and see the complete survey on the official website of the event.

Download the industry overview for free here. It’s very simple, just fill in your data and download it.