A.T.I.V. training course 2019

Industrial Emission Directive (IED): European legislation, state of art of best practices for emission reduction and monitoring, combustion optimization

The annual A.T.I.V. event will be held in Parma on November 8, 2019 at Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra in University Campus, Parma.

The Training Course with the title “Industrial Emission Directive (IED): European legislation, state of the art best practices for emission reduction and monitoring, combustion optimization” will deal with increasingly ambitious environmental goals and, as a consequence, more and more restrictive laws concerning emissions and pollution. The challenge for a glass manufacturer is to respect the laws while maintaining unchanged quality standards of the glass produced.

In order to reach these goals it’s important to be updated on the European legislation, its interpretations and what the future will bring. The European regulations EU-ETS and IPPC directives have a large impact on the European glass industry and should harmonize the efforts in the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (EU-ETS) and other emissions (IPPC).

The topic of combustion optimization will be discussed, since optimizing this fundamental aspect of the process is the first step for having a quality production and reduced emissions. It’s indispensable to take into account the different kinds of furnaces, their pull rates, the kind of glass produced, etc..

An integrated approach, which includes optimization of combustion and all the other abatement techniques (i.e. electrostatic precipitator, DeNOx) is necessary and very helpful in order to achieve environmental and quality goals.

For more information visit the A.T.I.V. website: www.ativ-online.it.