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         Company update
                                                                               INCREASING AWARENESS
                                                                                 To overcome some of the
                                                                               drawbacks of specialization and
                                                                               to give its present personnel a
                                                                               greater understanding of the
                                                                               realities of the glass producers’
                                                                               world, Perego have organized
                                                                               for glassmakers to give seminars
                                                                               in their HQ in Trezzano sul
                                                                               Naviglio. This helps the mould
                                                                               maker to see the moulds from a
                                                                               new perspective. It is also closing
                                                                               a circle, since Giancarlo original-
                                                                               ly cut his teeth in a glassworks.
                                                                                COMPLETELY AUTONOMOUS
                                                                                 The company has remained
                                                                               a traditional family firm in the
                                                                               sense of maintaining its close
                                                                               links with the community and the
             and shorter production runs.                                      families in Trezzano sul Naviglio
             Dependence on major clients is                                    on whose labour and loyalty
             reduced; the risks are shared over                                Perego has been able to count
             a wider number. Such clients                                      over the years. It has become a
             require a more versatile product                                  post-crisis quality focused firm
             and a more responsive supplier                                    maintaining its independence
             who understands every aspect of                                   of sub-contractors by acquir-
             the production process and can                                    ing plant in Croatia and invest-
             propose alternatives that resolve                                 ing heavily in high technology
             problems that the client may not                                  machinery. The new global mar-
             have anticipated. This versatility                                ket situation has led to the setting
             requires a high level of invest-                                  up of a commercial unit which
             ment in advanced technology as                                    will exploit the possibilities of the
             well as a thorough knowledge                                      post crisis recovery and release
             of both the glassmaking process   a supplementary basic material   more energy to concentrate on
             and the technology available to   because of the superior quality   the engineering which has been
             the mould maker. Understanding   and longevity of bronze moulds.   its core business for two genera-
             the needs of the client is cru-  The production techniques        tions. O
             cial. Perego now supplies high   involved are different from those
             tech moulds from its Croatian    for steel, the price per mould is
             plant to eastern Europe and from   higher, but the increased abil-
             Trezzano sul Naviglio to the rest   ity to service a wider range of
             of the world.                    smaller upmarket clients justi-
               As the world recovers from the   fies the change. Productivity per
             2008 crisis, markets are begin-  employee has also increased con-
             ning to open up again. More      siderably with the introduction
             than ever before a reputation for   of high technology machinery;
             quality and reliability is the key to   quality assurance of the product
             success. Africa is a large potential   remains the primary objective.      PEREGO
             market where Chinese reluctance   Competition on price has been      GIANCARLO SPA
             to service overseas markets cre-  offset by moving away from high          Via Marchesina 58
             ates opportunities.              volume/low value clients to the       20090 Trezzano S/N (MI) - Italy
                                              high value/low volume market.          Tel.: +39 - 02 - 48400060
             MATERIALS                        This change has been encour-            Fax: +39 - 02 - 4453300
               On the engineering side,       aged by the saturation of the low      E-mail:
             Perego is looking to bronze as   end of the market.              

                glass machinery plants & accessories 4/2017
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