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               Each company needs to have a
             clear idea of how much and how
             it wants and can invest. And this
             is particularly so if we consider
             productivity, which needs to be
             high. So this then takes us back
             to training and motivation for
             employees, who make all this

             AND MOTIVATION
               Speakers at the symposium
             came not only from the glass sec-
             tor and companies, but also from
             other industries and compa-
             nies such as thyssenkrupp Steel
             Europe, discussing digitalization.
             The Internet of Things was dis-
             cussed by Ernst Raue who is a
             leading IoT expert.
               Training and motivating is
             more and more necessary to
             build a bridge between the utili-
             zation of the Internet of Things
             and the people who work in the                                     HEYE INTERNATIONAL
             plant. The subject of motivation   training for customers. And               GmbH
             and leadership culture is, in fact,   Heye considers the symposium
                                                                                 Lohplatz 1, 31683 Obernkirchen - Germany
             as important as the technology.   as part of this process, bringing       Tel.: +49 - 5724 - 260
               In this respect, Heye has an   together directors, owners and          Fax: +49 - 5724 - 26539
             important advantage as it has    board members to discuss ideas     E-mail:
             direct access to the glass plant   that they can use in their own
             and can guarantee on-the-job     plants. O

                                            Heye Symposium 2017

               FIRST DAY                                  SECOND DAY
               Update on Heye‘s Vision & Strategy         /HDGHUVKLS   &KDQJH   1HXURVFLHQWLÀF 3HUVSHFWLYH
               Dirk Pörtner,                              Sebastian Purps-Pardigol, Organisational Consultant, Author
               Managing Director, Heye International
                                                          Friends of Glass – FEVE’s European
               Digital Transformation – Challenges        Consumer Campaigns
               & Chances                                  Michael Delle Selve, Head of Communication at FEVE
               Ernst Raue, Leading IoT Expert
                                                          The Digital Age - Challenges to Corporate Culture
               Digitisation in the Steel Industry         Cassandra Riedl,
               Dr. Michael Kranz,                         Expert for Leadership & Organisational Behaviour
               CIO, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe
                                                          “How we innovate at Ardagh”
               Investment Decisions in Times              Barbara Macialczyk,
               of Uncertainty                             Marketing Manager Ardagh Glass Europe
               Erik F. Nielsen, Group Chief Economist, UniCredit
                                                          Concepts for Managing Operational
               Forecast on Glass Packaging                Excellence at Ardagh
               around the World                           Henrik Bonné,
               Karine Dussimon,                           Director of Operational Excellence at Ardagh Group
               Senior Analyst - Packaing, Euromonitor
                                                          Heye Smart Plant Solutions
               Dinner at LeMéridien
                                                          Boat Tour: Alster Lake to Harbour
                                                          Dinner on historic Sailing Ship on River Elbe

                                                                          glass machinery plants & accessories 4/2017
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