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                        Rolf Themann, who has                GPS

                  been Managing Director of

                   GPS since 2015 and made
                                                              the best of two                                    Interview
                     the management buyout

                     in 2016, recently spoke to               worlds - tradition

                  Glass Machinery Plants and
                                                              meets flexibility
                  Accessories. Themann, who

                 has sole responsibility for the               and innovation

             German IS machine specialist’s

                      business operations, was

                       Managing Director and

                 Technical Director before for
                                                                        PS is a leading German-based developer
               another IS machine specialist                            and supplier of IS machines catering to
                                                                Gthe needs of the international container
              company for almost ten years.                      glass manufacturing industry. The specialist com-
                                                                 pany’s product portfolio includes IS machines
                                                                 and components, servo mechanisms, feeders and
                                                                 conveyors as well as control and drive systems
                                                                 for various applications. It also provides consul-
                                                                 tancy and training services to customers in the
                                                                  container glass manufacturing industry. GPS
                                                                  offers both all-inclusive and modular concepts,
                                                                  because all-inclusive solutions don’t always meet
                                                                  the container glass manufacturers’ require-
                                                                  ments. Sometimes all an IS machine needs is a
                                                                  professional upgrade or the replacement of indi-
                                                                  vidual components to achieve improvements in
                                                                   efficiency and product quality. Based on this
                                                                   knowledge and its self-imposed standards of
                                                                   excellence, GPS develops optimum solutions in
                                                                   perfect quality for customers around the globe.
                                                                   At unbeatable value for money.

                                                                    GMP&A: Mr Themann, GPS has been an
                                                                    independent entity since it was sold by
                                                                    Verallia Deutschland AG, formerly Saint-
                                                                    Gobain Oberland AG, in 2016. How would you
                                                                    summarise the past year for GPS?
                                                                      RT: This has definitely been a very special
                                                                    year for GPS – and certainly a milestone in
                                                                     the company’s history. We’ve been both a
                                                                     commercial and technological success. The
                                                                     figures speak for themselves – in 2016 we

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