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         Company update

             Giancarlo Perego SpA

             “ Acting as a mould maker…

             thinking as a glass manufacturer ”

                                                             Perego SpA was set up in 1964 by Giancarlo Perego
                                                     Rwho had previously worked for Ivisc (now Bormioli) as
                                                     a mould maker. In those days, each glassworks had its own
                                                     mould maker who was responsible for everything from pur-
                                                     chase of the metal to design of the mould, so he learned every
                                                     aspect of the job hands on. Then with a dozen young people
                                                     he set up as a specialist glass mould making firm.

                                                     FAMILY SUCCESS
                                                       What made the company a lasting success is the ability to
                                                     continue supplying quality products at a competitive price. With
                                                     Perego, this has been achieved by the combined efforts of man-
                                                     agement and workers. Those original people stayed with Perego
                                                     until they retired and some of their children still work for the
                                                     company today; the skills and values of the older generation
                                                     were passed on to the new in the workshop. Giancarlo (who
                                                     recently handed over the reins of the firm to his son Leonardo)
                                                     says simply that he could not have done anything without them.
                                                     Respect for quality craftsmanship underpinned the quality of
                                                     the product. Maintaining the quality premium involves not

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