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         Company presentation

             sons, this represents and inten-   The Group is also very interest-  turnover values of around EUR
             tion to be kept and maintained.  ed in the possible future develop-  140/150 million.
                                              ment of the North American mar-    This already represents impor-
             Of course, you have clients      ket (short term) and the African   tant growth from the origins of
             worldwide but in this moment is   market (medium/long term).      our internationalization plan in
             there any market more interesting                                 1998, when Lizmontagens pre-
             than others?                     What are the company’s future    sented EUR 6 million of services
               Our Group presents now a very   projects and strategies, in outline?  sold to the market.
             global pattern of activity, being   Being considered the global     The increment has been grad-
             able to serve the most important   leader in terms of the glass mar-  ual during the years and obtained
             customers in all world markets.  ket, we can expect during the    through internal development or
               The European market is still   next 3 to 5 years to be able to:  external growth by acquisitions.
             the basis of our activity for the   -  strongly consolidate a full   For 2017, we expect to be
             simple understandable reason       industrial position in key     able to attain a value of around
             that it is the ground for the devel-  European markets;           EUR 160/170 million, which
             opment capacities of our workers   - develop global solutions in   also includes some companies
             and managers.                      terms of the glass container   which are not part of (for several
               We are of course very moti-      industry.                      reasons) our consolidated bal-
             vated by the Asian market, which                                  ance sheet.
             requires a totally different type of   What is your current turnover,
             organization (and challenge) by   have you seen growth in the last   What is the biggest part of your
             the need to discover and invest   years? What are the forecasts for   work: construction, maintenance
             on suitable local partners able to   the future?                  or repair of furnaces?
             accept our principles and ready to   In the past couple of years    We can say that the compa-
             establish long term partnerships.  our Group presented consolidate   nies of our Group divide quite

                glass machinery plants & accessories 4/2017
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