LandGlass: large fragmentation pieces in tempered glass

What should you do during the glass tempering process if the fragmentation pieces of the tempered glass are too large?

Some advice from LandGlass about what to do if during the tempering process the fragmentation pieces of tempered glass are too large.

  1. During the quenching process, low quenching pressure will cause large fragmentation pieces of tempered glass. To tackle the issue, it’s possible to increase the quenching pressure settings in tempering parameters. It’s also possible to appropriately reduce the height of the tempering chiller to increase the quenching pressure.
  2. If the glass is not adequately-heated in the heating section, it will also lead to large fragmentation pieces of tempered glass. It’s possible to modify the tempering parameters by either increasing the furnace temperature or extending the heating time of the glass in the heating section, making sure the glass is adequately heated to meet the fragmentation requirements for tempered glass.